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Session 2020- Whats at Stake

The 2020 Legislative Session officially begins today and as we know a lot is at stake for the state of Florida. Our public education is once again under attack, gun reform bills safeguarding our communities may not be heard, women’s rights and the right to vote, are all being attacked. We also continue to see the issues of affordability, transportation and health care ignored.

The one thing we can always depend on from the Florida Legislature is that the majority will continue to ignore the issues that matter most to Florida's families. They would rather help their donors and special interest to keep the political donations rolling in, than ensuring that everyday working people are protected.

However, even after this session ends the next will be more of the same if we don’t flip more seats in this next election.

After we win in November and flip House District 105, I along with the rest of the Legislature will be tasked with redrawing the Congressional and State Legislative District maps. Depending on the upcoming Census, Florida could gain 1 or even 2 (maybe 3) congressional seats, and every single Legislative seat will be redrawn. 

Who do you want to draw that map? A Republican legislature with a super majority, who has proven to ignore the will of the voters? Or a legislature that either has parity between both parties, or even a Democratic majority? 

We have seen what the Republican majority has done in the last 20 years. They have left Public Education behind, gutted unions, ignored climate change and have let middle and working class families suffer. Instead of being focused on how to make our lives better, they are more focused on helping out special interest and their big donors. 

What we need most is to send representatives to Tallahassee that truly understand the issues that affect our everyday lives. Representation is crucial in times like these, when we see constant attacks on the basic things that make our state and country great. This session promises to be one of the worst for working families and all Floridians, but really good for corporations and special interest. We won't ever change that if we don't start electing and supporting the right people. In November we will be choosing the future of Florida, let's make sure we pick the right one.


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